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A Christian Motorcyclist's Creed from the Good Old Days

Ah, the good old days. Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about times past? I'm sure you have. If you are a motorcycle freak like I used to be, you know there is something spiritual about accelerating past 70 mph on a deserted country road. As the asphalt blurs beneath your feet, you know death is possible at any moment. But now, as a born-again believer, I realize the good old days may not have been so good after all. Here's why.

In the early 2000s, I was still straddling the fence between the world and God's Word. Like the two footboards on "Blue Moon," my 2007 Harley-Davidson Heritage, I firmly planted my left foot in the freedom and adventure of the world. My right foot tentatively pressed against God's Word and all that it represented. But as I reflect on that experience, lukewarm was anything but wise at 70 mph on a motorcycle.

Everyone who straddles the iron horse knows the risks. But not all know the eternal reward or risk they take if the ride goes wrong. I was beginning to realize that the Harley-Davidson commercial "We Believe..." could be leading me straight to hell. But oh, did I love that commercial! No wonder they sell so many motorcycles.

But little did I know God was pulling me along into a deeper relationship with Him. So many times I felt His presence. Who knows how often He cleared the way while riding in pounding rain and crosswinds on dark nights?

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes before you; He will never leave you or forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6

During this time, I began to hear His voice more clearly. His message to write about Him and for Him was unmistakable. On a ride from Laredo, Texas, to Corpus Christi, Texas, God's voice was so powerful that I had to pull over at a roadside rest. It was as if God was dictating to me what His Christian Motorcyclist Creed was. He wanted me and the world to see how different His version is from the world. Thus, these are God's words; I am simply the messenger.

A Christian Motorcyclist's Creed

(Inspired by God and the Harley-Davidson Creed)

Dr. Trace Pirtle (2007)

We believe in riding for the Son, even if that means riding into persecution.

We believe in perpetuating the truth that the Holy Bible is God's inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word.

Some of us believe in speaking in tongues; all believe that Jesus died for our sins.

We believe in the promise of Heaven, and we don't believe in the lies of Satan.

We believe in Jesus.

We believe in fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, missions, and riding off to help others in need.

We believe Jesus was crucified, died, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day.

We believe Jesus is the Way, the truth, and the life.

We believe in standing for Christ and never kneeling for anything else.

We believe in wearing black because we mourn for His suffering and white because of His forgiveness, which allows us a new morning.

We believe the world is going to hell and not going along with it.

We believe in tent revivals that last a week.

We believe in small and mega churches and that God will be present where two or more are gathered.

We believe in kind words, soft hearts, open spirits, and an iron will to do what God has called us to do.

We believe in miracles.

We believe that life is not just what we make it, but what God allows to be made in His image.

We believe the iron machine we sit on is less important than the iron we sharpen.

We believe what God believes.


God's version reflects His good old days. Days that many of us in the world have forgotten. It's time that we awaken our lukewarm Christian brothers and sisters. We can no longer straddle the fence between the world and God's Word. Jesus is clear,

"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

No matter how intoxicating the promises of the world or how much we have been deceived by their lies in the good old days, once we awaken to God's Word, we realize the good ol' days are still to come. That is good news!

Have you reminisced about the good old days only to awaken to the reality they weren't so good because you were deceived by the world? If so, I would like to hear about it. Could you send me a message and let me know? Your best good old days are still to come.

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