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"Are There Many Paths to God?" Article Recommendation

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

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Most of us are old enough to remember 2010. Most of us will also admit that life in America (and the world) has changed. In fact, contemporary Christianity has changed--rapidly--and continues to morph into something I'm hardly recognizing as my faith.

I'm sure of one thing, however: God hasn't changed, but many of us have. That's why I believed it was Divine Intervention when I came across an article published in Christianity Today titled, "Are There Many Paths to God?" by Lee Strobel. Yes, it was published in 2010.

I highly recommend this article because Lee Strobel provides an in-depth response to three questions that many Christians confront as they share the Gospel. The questions (presented as Myths) are as follows:

  1. "Are all religions basically the same?" Short answer: No.

  2. "Isn't Christianity simply one philosophy among many?" Short answer: No.

  3. "Aren't Christians narrow-minded to think Jesus is the only way to heaven?" Concise answer: No.

Who May Benefit From This Article?

  • All new Christians who find themselves defending the faith;

  • Lukewarm Christians who are struggling with these questions themselves;

  • "Seekers" who have not found the right way yet;

  • Non-Believers who are open to the possibility that Jesus IS the ONLY Way to God;

  • Others identified by God Himself!

Lee Strobel's long answers to the short questions are like a breath of fresh air for believers. I pray it comes to you at the perfect time, just as it did for me. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you for the work that He has called you to do! This article may help in some small (or grand) way. I highly recommend Lee Strobel's article, "Are There Many Paths to God," published in 2010 in Christianity Today.

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