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How One Person Can Be a Force Multiplier

I prayed this morning and asked the Holy Spirit about my next writing assignment. What is our topic for the day, Lord? An image came to mind. It is an empty stadium. The Holy Spirit's unmistakable voice within me said, "The world is missing My Word. But what if I added just one person to this empty stadium? How would you respond?"

I could see in my mind one person sitting far in the distance on a lonely stadium bench. They were cheering for God and His Word!

Lord, that one person is a force multiplier! One person becomes 100, 1000, 10,000! I see one brilliant light shining and illuminating every empty seat around them. I feel empowered, energized, and infused with Your Spirit from that single light.

The Holy Spirit said, "When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

Jesus is the One, the force multiplier, who brought light into the dark world. I see His light in that one person in the stadium. Then there is another until I see a stadium full of lights as bright as the sun!

I asked, how did they all get there, Lord? First, there were none, then one, and now the stadium is overflowing. Then, finally, the Holy Spirit said, "You could not see them because you did not believe in the light of the One who brought the light. So you complete the scripture; I was blind, and now I _____."

Yes, I was blind, and now I see. But what was I blind to? I know that Jesus is the light.

And then, the lightbulb moment happened. I have been blind to the power of the spectators in the stadium. I have mistakenly considered spectators as lukewarm Christians. This is incorrect! Some of these bright lights even feel insignificant and unworthy of God's love. They wonder if their life still has meaning and purpose. It does!

Not everyone is called to the field. Many have their calling as active spectators, like the loyal season ticket holders who show up for every game. No matter what! They are the force multipliers for their team. The same applies to Team Jesus. Like Christians with a passion of triathletes.

So, if you are that One person who shows up for every blog article here at Off the Bench, know that you are the inspiration for this post. You are the light shining in the darkness of the internet. I am humbled and grateful that you are God's encourager.

Do you have a story about how one person can be a force multiplier for Jesus? If so, I'd like to hear it!

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