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I wrote this on the morning of my last day in an alcohol recovery treatment center in Texas. I thought about all the times when I would not admit that I had a problem. I have realized that I was getting in God’s way. His purpose for me could not launch without my complete surrender. He needed me with a clear and clean mind, heart, and spirit. I have learned to accept the life that he has given me and treat it like the precious gift that it is. I had to remember that God knew me before He created me in my mothers womb. Everybody that has impacted my life; whether it be negative or positive; God positioned me where I am today. I am grateful for my son who helped me realize that I needed help. He’s my best friend and I treasure him everyday. I wanted to share this speech with you. I read it to all of the others who are fighting to stay healthy and sober.


Our lives were already written before we were born.

We were predestined to all be in this room at this moment.

Everything we have been through; We have overcome.

We should consider ourselves champions; Because everything and everybody who tried to destroy us lost and are in the rear view mirror as we drive ourselves far away from it.

The enemy in our mind will continue to lie to us as we go forth; but remember that there is a hero of all heroes who will be there to save us with Majesty and Love.

Let’s not be too hard on ourselves for the mistakes that we have made.

There is Forgiveness waiting outside the gate in the form of family, friends, and God; or the Universe in its Majesty will remind us everyday when the sun rises, when the moon shines, and when the stars glow - whispering I Love You Always.

By: Tammy Thomas

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