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The Water Ministry: Launched July 2022

The Off The Bench Water Ministry in Kerrville, Texas launched in July 2022. Here's a short description of how it came about and which organizations were selected for the initial distribution of bottled water. See how this relates to our Purpose(s) and Mission(s).

How the Water Ministry Came About

Some of you may be able to relate to this...I plan on getting involved and "bearing good fruit," but the timing isn't right. Or, I'd like to do something for God and His people, but I don't know what to do.

I understand. I was getting too comfortable sitting on the bench. Fortunately, God will use people in our lives to throw water on us...awaken us...and challenge us to get off the bench!

So I started thinking, what should I do?

About 15 years ago, I handed out a few water bottles to people who attended a street church. In mid-June of this year (2022), memories of that event flooded my mind. After a few days of pondering the meaning of this memory, the lightbulb came on. I asked God, "Are you calling me to establish a water ministry here in Kerrville, Texas?" The response in my spirit was immediate, "Ya THINK!?" :-)

I promptly forgot the memory, question, and God's response. I returned to sleeping on the bench like Jimmy Buffet at the beach in Margaritaville. Fortunately, God has a sense of humor and is eternally patient.

Divine Appointments

It seems that God will set "Divine Appointments" for us that may (or may not) appear on our Google calendar. He seems just to appear...poof...and say, "You need to be at the "Jesus Bench" on a certain day at a certain time. So I show up at the "Jesus Bench," and someone is already taking up the bench! OK...I'll wait...

A couple of minutes later, I notice that this person is wearing a Jesus t-shirt and has an open Bible next to her. Lord, could it be that I'm supposed to go over there and meet her? But, of course, you already know God's response.

This was a Divine Appointment set by God with a gifted Sister-in-Christ. In our God-inspired conversation, I told her my crazy thoughts about a water ministry. Her prayers and words confirmed this was of God, not just me. I left this Divine Appointment with a new Sister, a mighty blessing, and a new commitment to my Mission. Read her story in the Spotlight On: Colleen Keith.

And then...

The next day I was driving along, minding my own business, and suddenly the car made a left turn when I should have been going straight to HEB! Clearly, God was saying, "I'm in pay attention." God certainly had my attention. As I passed by a small church (Livingway Community Church), I noticed a man on a ladder doing some repairs.

The feeling was unmistakable. I was to stop, get out of the car, and tell this man that I would like to donate water to his church. I was called to a water ministry for our Lord, Jesus Christ. What did I do? Of course, I drove past the man on the ladder at that small church. I was beginning to question my sanity.

God didn't say a word (neither did Jesus) until the next day.

It was a beautiful mid-morning. The sun was out and already close to 90 degrees. But, once again, my car seems to have a steering problem as I drive past the same church. And there is my missed Divine Appointment still working on the church.

This time I did stop without question. My new brother-in-Christ (See Spotlight On: Gazetia Williams) was more than welcoming and supportive of my Mission. The Off the Bench Water Ministry launched at that moment with his help and encouragement.

The old saying goes, "If God can use someone like me, He will easily use someone special like you." Never forget that.

Let's Get Off The Bench Together!

If you feel God's call to partner with us, you are welcome! If you know of an organization (or family) that we can bless, feel free to contact me. Let's get off the bench together and bear good fruit.

May God bless you abundantly and beyond your wildest dreams! In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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