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We Have Peace With God

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Do you know the “Supreme Ultimate” Stress Management Secret? It’s the one that never fails you...never lets you down...never runs out of energy...or patience...or love. The “One” can calm turbulent seas and keep new sunrises on the horizon. What is it? Survey says...

God is the Supreme Ultimate Stress Reliever!

Man carrying Christian flag
We have peace with God

Now I’m not saying this as a news if hot off the latest tabloid press. No, you and I both “know” it, but sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.

Then, once we are reminded of this “Supreme Ultimate” Stress Management “NO SECRET,” we can reflect on what it means for our stressed-out world and our place in it.

For Christians in general, and “Off The Bench” Christians, it means you can work as hard (or easy) as God calls you, but you can work relaxed...on God’s schedule.

You are relaxed and distress-free because…

  • God is your “Boss,” and, with Him in charge, who can really mess with you? No one.

  • You do everything...personal and if God is supervising. He always is.

  • You don’t worry about mistakes or missteps. The Holy Spirit guides every step you take and every breath that fills your lungs with His breathe easy.

  • Your past mistakes are if they never happened. God’s grace is His gift for your faith in our Lord Jesus. You are justified...redeemed.

“Since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1

Since you no longer need to worry, what will you do with all that extra energy lost in worry? Something great... I’m sure of it! How about starting a ministry of your own? Here’s a post to help get you started with the 5 Biblical Ministries for Newbies.

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