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What Moves You?

It's been five months since my last post. If you look at "When God is Silent" (from December 8, 2022), you'll understand that I don't write a post to fill a slot in an editorial calendar for the blog. It must be something I feel "moved" by the Holy Spirit to write.

But sometimes, waiting for the Spirit to move requires the patience of Job. I'm convinced that God skipped me when He passed out "patience" as one of the nine fruit of the Spirit. So sometimes we have to wait.

And wait, I did. Only sometimes willingly, too. The world is changing so rapidly that I felt compelled to add MY two cents worth of worthless suggestions. Surely the world wants to hear my rantings and ravings about how far gone we close we are to Jesus' return.

Apparently NOT!

Each time I would think about writing about a topic of supreme importance, that still small voice would say, "That's not for you to write about." And, like a child in a power struggle with their parent(s), I would cross my arms and say, "Fine...You don't want me to write; I won't write! I'll sit here on the bench watching the game. Pass the popcorn."

As adults, we know that with most anger, there is an element of feeling hurt. Perhaps you've felt that hurt disguised as anger yourself. The hurt that comes when you feel that God doesn't want to use you. But He is not disappointed in you; He is just preparing you for the fruit He wants to give you. It could be patience.

And then, just as you get comfortable sitting on the bench eating stale popcorn, He shows up again. But the role you expected to play, the position you prepared for, differs from the one you are called for. Imagine being a quarterback sitting on the sidelines of a football field. First, the coach calls you to get ready to go in, and the next second you are on a high wire in a circus act!

God has a sense of humor and will never let you fly higher than you are expected to fall. Trust Him. Have no fear.

My High Wire Circus Act

Three weeks ago, as I watched the new world insanity unfold, the Spirit moved within me. The directive was clear and unmistakable. I was to carve a wood sign for a neighbor. I'll talk more about this new circus act in the next post, but for now, realize that God will use us in the most unusual ways, even with something as insignificant as a hand-carved wood sign.

The point is, when you feel the Spirit move, don't question it. Just get up and get back in the game (whatever the game may be). He will give you discernment and assurance that He is behind all this seeming insanity. He will add clarity to confusion and wisdom from worry.

So, covered in sawdust, I continued to carve agape wood signs, believing that God has a purpose for them. A cool breeze swept over me as I took a break from the afternoon heat and sat on the patio. I felt "moved" by this gentle wind...a Divine Wind. I felt love, joy, and peace.

And then...

To add God's unmistakable sign that He is present, a dove flew in and landed on the railing five feet from me. After that, it just sat there looking at me. And then, a cardinal swooped in and perched on the tree branch above me. I know. For many, this is simply a coincidence and a flight of fantasy. Fair enough.

But the experience had a qualitative effect on my spirit. I was moved to see carving wood signs in a new light and that God still has something for me to write as well.

So, what moves you? What is God doing in your life? Our journey together continues. Until next time, may God Bless you and yours!

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