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Writing For--and About--God? (2022 Update)

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Note to Reader: I wrote this as a lukewarm Christian many years ago. God was trying to get my attention. He was trying to get me off the bench and into the game as an On Fire believer. Perhaps you are experiencing something similar right now? Maybe you will respond to God differently? I pray that you do!

Here’s what I wrote “back in the day”:

You may wonder what “Writing for—and about—GOD” is. I certainly would if I saw such a presumptuous title.

First, “writing for GOD” may suggest that I feel ordained by God to be one of His scribes. Let me assure you, I have no illusions (or delusions) of such ordination.

Second, “writing about GOD” might hint that I possess a “secret” about God’s character—a secret I am called to reveal. But, once again, I hold no grand assumptions that I know more about God’s goodness and greatness than you do; perhaps I know less.

Here is what I can tell you about the Genesis—the Beginnings—of this writing and why I now feel compelled to share it with you…

“Write About Me and For Me...Your Lord”

In 2007, I saw a message saying, “Write about me and for me…Your Lord.” This wasn’t a message that appeared on a billboard. I wasn’t reading the news in a book, or magazine, or while surfing the Internet.

This message was inside my own head!

Like an electronic sign that scrolls a message across a screen, this message scrolled across my “mind’s eye.” It was clearly there. It was as distinct as any neon scrolling ticker tape in Times Square, only this one wasn’t visible to others. So naturally, as a long-time counseling professional and university professor, I disregarded it as simply “imaginary.”

The second time I saw the message, I again brushed it aside as a flight of fantasy. With each subsequent appearance, however, the sensation of “what a coincidence!” filled my thoughts.

As I wrestled with my own “thinking,” I could not escape the “feeling” that this message was no accident…no coincidence. This message had meaning. This message had a purpose. The question was, “What was the meaning, purpose, and where was it coming from?”

As the months passed, the message would appear at random. Similar to walking down a street and suddenly seeing a sign illuminated, my message appeared out of my conscious control.

Out of frustration, I would try to clear it from my mind—erase it from awareness—and go on with my life. However, if you have ever found yourself singing a song and then have it replayed, over and over again, despite your conscious effort to turn it off? That is what the ticker tape message was for me!

Time passed, and although I believed I was supposed to write for and about God, I had no idea WHAT to write. Lacking clarity and commitment, I pushed the message down into the basement of my mental life. Once in the basement, I consciously flipped the switch turning off the ticker tape message, and closed the door to this still unknown opportunity.

You Can Respond to God’s Call Differently

The value of learning from others’ mistakes and missed opportunities are you can respond differently!

If you are experiencing something similar, know that what to write does not need to be complicated. See how easy it can be in this post, Is God Calling You to Write? and Is God Calling You to Write? (Part 2). Also, check out the Top 7 Bible Verses: Writing for God.

Send me a message and tell me what He is calling you to do!

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